KPMG Legal team

The Czech KPMG Legal office was established in August 2010. Its team features around 30 experts, many of whom also have economic degrees.

Gabriela Blahoudková
Gabriela Blahoudková Associate
Hana Čermáková (Černá)
Hana Čermáková (Černá) Associate
Jakub Kolda
Jakub Kolda Associate
Martin Král
Martin Král Associate
Anna Kretková
Anna Kretková Associate
Aneta Mohylová
Aneta Mohylová Associate
Filip Morcinek
Filip Morcinek Associate
Tomáš Pitra
Tomáš Pitra Associate
Pavlína Rampová
Pavlína Rampová Associate
Josef Riesner
Josef Riesner Associate
Jiří Stratil
Jiří Stratil Associate
Alžběta Filipková
Alžběta Filipková Clerk
Sabina Tichá
Sabina Tichá Clerk