Our services

KPMG Legal provides services to clients from all sectors and in all areas related to their business activities.

    Corporate law
  • Company formation (all forms)
  • Establishment of subsidiaries (of both Czech and international companies)
  • Advice on restructuring and improving efficiency of companies and holdings
  • Adjusting associates' and shareholders' relationships (shareholders' agreement, joint venture)
  • Operational support (approving financial statements, deciding what to do with profits or losses)
  • Liquidation of all forms of companies
  • Banking and insurance counselling
  • Advice on capital markets and collective investments
  • Designing and implementing investment structures and funds
  • Assistance with implementing EU directives and regulations on financial markets and institutions
  • Representation in licence acquisition proceedings and other administrative proceedings, in particular for the Czech National Bank
  • Long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Czech National Bank, the Czech Capital Market Association and other professional organisations
Transactional counselling
  • Advice on share and asset deals
  • Advice on company reorganisations (merger, division, transfer of assets to an associate, change of legal form), including cross-border mergers
  • Preparation, revision and negotiation of transaction documents (share transfer agreement, shareholders' agreement)
  • Preparation of all corporate documents related to a reorganization, including the relevant project documentation
  • Recommendation on the appropriate method of implementing a transaction or a reorganisation
  • Complete due diligence of companies and/or assistance with document preparation for due diligence
  • Advising investors on adjusting relationships in shareholders' agreements
  • Comprehensive client support in all compliance areas
  • Advisory services in implementing and transforming compliance departments and compliance officer positions
  • Risk analysis of specific threats faced by the client
  • Set-up and implementation of functional compliance management system
  • Preparation or revision of internal rules and guidelines regulating risks
  • Support through internal education and training of employees and management
  • Set-up of control mechanisms verifying compliance with adopted measures
  • Client representation in proceedings before public authorities
Law and technology
  • Advice on intellectual property
  • Comprehensive advice on privacy and personal data protection
  • Innovative technologies (big data, fintech, industry 4.0, internet of things)
  • Drafting and negotiation of IP/IT contracts (licence contracts, etc.)
  • Advice on media and telecommunications regulation
  • Protection of industrial property, brand and know-how
Labour law and immigration services
  • Preparation and revision of employment contracts, executive service agreements and companies' internal provisions
  • Legal services related to employment termination
  • Support during collective bargaining and communicating with trade unions
  • Continual counselling on labour law and HR
  • Legal services related to an employee's transition from one company to another
  • Counselling on the employment of foreign nationals and cross-border aspects of labour law
Public procurement / PPP
  • Advice on preparing public procurement / PPP bids, including proofs of qualification
  • Counselling during public procurement tenders
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation for public procurements
  • Legal counsel services for filing and settling objections and representation in proceedings reviewing the tenderer’s course of action
Family businesses and succession planning
  • Advice on setting up corporate management and governance
  • Proposing a variety of solutions for unexpected events
  • Optimising property structure and preserving a property’s integrity for future generations
  • Advice on the family and property situation, including investment counselling
Court proceedings and arbitration
  • Comprehensive counselling on contentious matters, from a legal analysis of the most efficient strategies to support during a court proceeding
  • Assistance with out-of-court settlement and dispute resolution
  • Representation in all types of civil and arbitration proceedings, including international arbitration
  • Assistance and representation in enforcement and insolvency proceedings
Tax litigation
  • Representation in tax inspections, including the preparation and submission of remedial measures against the tax administrator's decision
  • Support in dealings with the tax office
  • Preparation of administrative and cassation complaints, and representation before administrative courts
  • Preparation of constitutional complaints and representation before the Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union
Real estate
  • Property due diligence
  • Advice on property sales and purchases
  • Structuring and financing of real estate projects, including the use of investment funds
  • Advice on negotiating and concluding leases for both lessors and lessees
  • Construction legal advice