KPMG Legal team

The Czech KPMG Legal office was established in August 2010. Its team features around 30 experts, many of whom also have economic degrees.

Václav Bělohoubek
Václav Bělohoubek Associate
Martin Čapek
Martin Čapek Associate
Hana Černá
Hana Černá Associate
Milan Hladík
Milan Hladík Associate
Pavel Martiník
Pavel Martiník Associate
Aneta Mohylová
Aneta Mohylová Associate
Lucie Patková
Lucie Patková Associate
Martina Pelikánová
Martina Pelikánová Associate
Josef Riesner
Josef Riesner Associate
Karolína Tomsová
Karolína Tomsová Associate
Kristýna Tupá
Kristýna Tupá Associate
Tomáš Kolouch
Tomáš Kolouch Intern
Ondřej Kučera
Ondřej Kučera Intern
Zuzana Liškařová
Zuzana Liškařová Intern
Kateřina Randlová
Kateřina Randlová Intern